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List of the Facebook Ads which were bought by the Russians | ElectionNews

So, Russia made it to the Internet trolls with a set of Facebooks Ads which were targeted directly on the Americans. The posts or the trolls were released just before the 2016 Presidential elections. Most of them were in favor of the Donald Trump, keeping all the negativity for the Hillary Clinton.

Facebook Ads which were bought by the Russians

Jackie Speier who is the Californian Democrat announced that America has now a problem. She mentioned that the U.S has a brilliant tech community, but the Russians have misused the platform for bringing division between the Americans, and simply a state of disturbance.

List of the Facebook Ads which were bought by the Russians

Trolls are nothing but a deliberate online post which is made to hurt a person or a group of community. In this Internet age, there are almost thousands of trolls and memes which are made on a single day. They are shared, made fun of, and it may also contain wrong information.

I would like to list out the Facebook Ads by the Russians which went on a roll, and those people actually believed in!

  • Facebook Event News

A Facebook Page called the Trumpsters United shared an event, where the people were requested to join in for the American Flag March in Memory of the 9/11 attack. It was first posted on 31st August 2016 and then taken down on 10th September.

  • The African-American Related

Next, FB post was by the Black Matters page, which is one of the largest groups online handled by the Russia Internet Research Agency. The post was targeted at the people who liked African-American history, Malcolm X, African-American Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. or just the color black.

  • Immigration

The next lot of posts were based completely on the anti-immigration thoughts. The Ad was targeted to the audiences of France, Germany, and the UK. They spread the message of anti-immigration keeping up with the news and added humor element.

  • LGBT community

Russian agency operators saw the gay activism which is being carried out in the U.S and made ads for the same. This Ad was targeted to the Facebook Users of Texa, which was seen by around 580 people. It costed around 250 rubles in all.

Well, the Facebook Ads which were bought by the Russians belonged to different categories. This actually made the findings more difficult and challenging for the U.S tech teams.

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