Our Story

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ambassadedelile.comĀ is a team which works on letting people know about the happenings of the state and city. Technology is running at a great speed now, and these days most of us prefer mobile phones over the real newspapers for knowing the news updates. That led to the making of this website which is solely dedicated to News updates.

The things which are taken care of here:

  1. We ensure to provide only the true facts on our website.
  2. Our amazing team of 10 performs in-depth research about a topic before posting the content online. This way, you don’t have to worry about understanding any new keyword. ambassadedelile will help you with that.
  3. The comment section is open for all. You could voice out your opinion about a topic or even leave a feedback.

Our main goal is to make people aware of the world updates, and also make everyone realize the importance of news in general. There are different sections made in the website, for example, news related to politics, fashion, entertainment, sports, etc. You could simply select the category you wish to read and read the posts right away.